What I Want My Words To Do To You Trailer

This is an inspiring and powerful film which follows women who are in a maximum security prison developing their own unique writing voice. I think the film displays how writing can be used as a tool to break through barriers of emotions and thought. It is a great example of the kinds of healing writing and furthermore, creative writing can build and manifest. 

I would definitely suggest this film to anyone who can have an open mind and understanding that we all have a story to tell. We must not judge a person’s position and understand that we are all humans.


Indian Theory of Existence

Indian Theory of Existence

If you haven’t read the autobiography of Mourning Dove, I would highly recommend this book. The text is full of insights into a Salish women’s experience of learning and adapting to a colonial way of living while simultaneously keeping her own Indigenous culture alive!

Summer is coming!

Well, I have recently completed my Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Creative Writing! Reaching this goal has been immensely satisfying. I am booked for two poetry readings in the month of May which is exciting! I am also nervous as I have always been fearful of public speaking. How do you handle public speaking? Any fears as well? Breathing techniques? 

I have also applied for my first writing grant from the Canada Council for the Arts-Aboriginal Emerging Writers in Residence. I will cross my fingers and pray to the Creator to influence decisions : )

New poems will be up shortly! 

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack


A great article which identifies the invisibility of White Privilege and exposes why this concept is so dangerous in perpetuating inequality. If a person is unaware of their privilege that means this colonial construction of power is working successfully and no change can take place : (

Here is a great discussion about “The Danger of a Single Story”

When I first starting writing poetry and developing my voice, I too was unaware that I could write honestly about where I come from. This discussion brings to light marginalization and the effects of the colonial dominant culture.

The Danger of a Single Story by Chimamanda Adichie

Fertility Festival at Summerhill Winery


I have been invited to read some of my poetry at the Fertility Festival which will be located at the Summerhill Winery in the Sunny Okanagan. I can picture this event feeling so alive and vibrant. Artists of all genres and the cultural influence of the Okanagan People will invite such an amazing atmosphere for people of all ages! Click on the link for further information. Summer is almost upon us : )

Magical Realism

Magical Realism

Magical Realism! I am just doing some research on this genre and found this great website/Zine which explores poetry, fiction, and non-fiction related to Magical Realism. 

It is so interesting as a reader to be taken along a journey which explores fantastical elements that are situated in the “real” world. I am reading a novel by a great and powerful mastermind of words, Ben Okri, called “The Famished Road”. It is a must read! I am so inspired that my next short story will be focused on further exploring this genre in my own writing : )