Wai! Islaxlaxts (Hi, my friends!)

Thank you for checking out my new blog site! It should be an interesting journey to watch where a form of poetry can lead a writer. From legends of “Little People” and Nxaxai’tkw (Ogopogo) to discovering colonial themes in our everyday lives, writing is something that exposes a certain truth, an event, or an insight into humans as cultural and social beings.

“I don’t know where this writing of mine comes from. It is not a separate entity. I do know that it is a gift and like most gifts, requires an interchange to take place. When the writing-spirits call me, I respond. My body responds, my heart responds, my racial memory responds…it would be true to say that writing put me on a path to freedom”

Brant-Mohawk Lesbian Writer


About okanaganxixutem

Nikki Marchand is a member of the Okanagan Indian Band where she was also born and raised. Nikki recently completed the Bachelor of Arts program with a Creative Writing Major. She chooses to write serial prose/poems. Nikki grapples with the dichotomy of tradition and contemporary world views/ways of living. Exposing and searching issues such as loss of identity, and the journey of trying to place ourselves in a world of stereotypes, and beginning a healing path. She is learning her Indigenous language, Nsyilxcen, which adds to the layers of decolonization. Nikki's writing style is not in chronological order and uses a non traditional format (mixture of stanzas, prose, concrete and abstract words/images) to tell her stories as It helps Nikki to move out of a colonial/traditional format of writing. She is interested in appropriating the English language to tell her story of being a mixed race woman. View all posts by okanaganxixutem

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